Delivery Information

Breakage Policy

In the unfortunate event that you receive damaged goods, please contact us immediately if the breakage exceeds 10% of your order. We understand that transport can sometimes cause damages. To mitigate this, we recommend ordering an extra 10% over your project needs. This precaution helps ensure that you have enough material to complete your project without delays, even if some breakage occurs.

Pallet Specifications

Standard Size: Each pallet measures 1200mm x 1000mm x 1000mm.
Maximum Weight: The maximum load per pallet is 1000kg.

Delivery Information

Our deliveries are carried out by an 18-tonne vehicle. It’s crucial that the delivery location is accessible and has sufficient space for the vehicle to maneuver safely and efficiently.

Vehicle Dimensions: Our delivery vehicles are 18 tonnes, 4 meters tall, and 10 meters long, equipped with a 2-meter tail lift.

Road Surface Requirements: To ensure a smooth delivery, the surface at the delivery point should be tarmac, block paving, or concrete. Please note that our trucks are unable to operate on soft or loose ground.

Vehicle Access

For a successful delivery, we require a minimum access width of 3 meters. The access route should be hard and flat, free from any obstacles or obstructions that could hinder the delivery process.

Special Requirements

If our standard delivery guidelines do not suit your specific situation, please contact us to discuss alternatives. We are committed to accommodating your needs as best as we can.

Hi-Ab/Crane Deliveries

Currently, we do not operate hi-ab or crane-equipped delivery vehicles. However, for larger orders, we can make special arrangements. Please get in touch to discuss the specifics.

Redelivery Charges

Please note that all our deliveries are kerbside. This means we use a tail lift and a manual pump truck to offload your order. If a delivery attempt is unsuccessful due to issues related to access, surface suitability, or other factors mentioned above, a redelivery charge may be applicable.

Delivery Receipt

Upon delivery, a signature is required to acknowledge the receipt of goods. This step is vital for confirming that the goods have been delivered and received in satisfactory condition.

delivery information