Our extensive range of beige paving slabs offers the perfect way to add warmth, style and versatility to your outdoor living area. Available in a spectrum of natural hues from creamy vanilla and almond tones to richer camel and light brown shades, our beige paving comes in a variety of carefully curated materials to complement any garden or patio design.

For a classic paved look, our Indian Sandstone Paving in Beige features gentle rippled textures and earthy overtones. Or choose the smooth polished finish of our Italian Porcelain Beige Pavers for a contemporary edge. If you prefer mottled colour variations, our Limestone Beige Paving incorporates natural peach and tan striations that develop patina over time.

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What are the benefits of beige paving?

Beige paving offers versatility, warmth, and style. It pairs well with other colours and materials like black, brown, yellow, or white pavers. Beige creates a natural, neutral backdrop that fits any design aesthetic. It brightens up shaded areas and makes small spaces appear larger.

What materials does beige paving come in?

Our beige paving comes in natural sandstone, textured limestone, smooth  porcelain, and more. Each material provides different textures and finishes to suit your needs. Options like our 900 x 450mm rectangular beige limestone pavers offer an attractive rippled finish.

What sizes are available for beige pavers?

We offer beige paving in a range of sizes - from small 30mm bricks to large 600 x 600  and 900 x 600 slabs. Popular sizes are 60mm and 90mm options for driveways, paths, patios. Or use a mix of sizes in patio packs.

Should I seal my beige paving?

Sealing is recommended to protect the colour and finish of natural stone beige paving. It prevents staining from spills. Porcelain pavers don't need sealing. Speak to our experts for advice on appropriate sealants.

How can I keep my beige paving looking good?

Sweep regularly to prevent weeds and dirt buildup. Clean spills promptly to avoid stains. Re-apply sealant every 2-3 years. Check for loose or uneven pavers and refill joints when needed. Our team can provide tips on beige paving maintenance.