Unearth the precision and balance of our 600x600mm paving slabs, a perfect choice for those seeking a symmetrical and harmonized garden or patio layout. With their uniform size, these slabs deliver a sense of order and meticulous design to any space.

Whether you’re captivated by the rustic allure of Sandstone Paving or the polished elegance of Italian Porcelain, our 600x600mm range caters to every aesthetic. Maybe it’s the rich undertones of Grey Paving that speak to you, or perhaps the soothing palette of Beige Paving; every choice is available in this versatile size.

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600 x 600 Slabs

The 600 series represents an efficient choice for landscapers, often streamlining the design and implementation process in comparison to the 560 series. The reason? Simpler math and fewer slabs to reach the desired coverage.

Central to this series is the 600 x 600 mm paving slab, a favorite among both professional landscapers and discerning homeowners. For professionals, the size strikes a balance: large enough for coverage yet manageable for a single individual. The consistent dimensions also simplify planning and placement, reducing excess material and offcuts.

For homeowners, the appeal of the 600×600 slab is multifaceted. There’s a wealth of materials to pick from – be it sandstone, limestone, granite, slate, concrete, or top-tier porcelain. The vast array of designs, shades, accessibility, and slab and installation costs further enhance their attractiveness.

600 x 600 Concrete

Given the prevalence of the 600 series in the realm of natural stone, it’s only natural for concrete paving to mirror this preference. This makes the 600×600 concrete slab one of the most sought-after choices, presenting users with a plethora of designs and hues.

600 x 600 Porcelain

Porcelain paving, though relatively new to the scene, has aligned itself with the industry’s inclination towards the 600 series. The 600×600 porcelain slab offerings are vast in terms of style and shade. Beyond aesthetics, vitrified porcelain stands out for its functional advantages: it’s non-porous, exceptionally resilient, resistant to both abrasion and staining, and displays a durability that stone and concrete might find challenging, especially when faced with fluctuating temperatures.

600 x 600 Paving FAQ

What are the dimensions of the 600 x 600 paving slabs?

Each slab measures 600mm x 600mm. That translates to the following:
Unit of Measurement Width Length
mm 600 600
cm 60 60
m 0.6 0.6
inches 23.62 23.62

What materials are the 600 x 600 paving slabs made of?

Our 600 x 600 paving slabs are available in a variety of materials such as natural stone, concrete, and porcelain.  

How thick are the 600 x 600 paving slabs?

The thickness of the slabs may vary depending on the type of material and manufacturer, but they typically range from 20mm to 40mm.  

Can the 600 x 600 paving slabs be used for indoor or outdoor use?

These pavers are primarily designed for outdoor use, such as creating a patio or walkway in your backyard or garden. However, there's no reason why they can't be used for indoor spaces, too!  

Are the 600 x 600 paving slabs easy to install?

These pavers are relatively easy to install and can be a great option for DIY projects. However, we recommend consulting a professional if you have any doubts about the installation process.  

How should I clean and maintain the 600 x 600 paving slabs?

The cleaning and maintenance of the 600 x 600 paving slabs may vary depending on the type of material. However, generally, a mild detergent and water solution can be used for cleaning. Avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaning products. It is also important to seal the slabs to protect them from staining and damage.  

What is the approximate weight of 600 x 600 paving slabs?

This will vary depending on the type of material, but they typically range from 20 to 40 kgs per slab.