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Discover the elegance and versatility of our 900x450mm paving slabs, ideal for those who appreciate a modern, elongated design aesthetic. These slabs, with their unique dimensions, lend an air of sophistication to both expansive terraces and more secluded garden spaces.

Whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of UK Indian Sandstone Paving, the sleek surface of UK Porcelain Paving, or perhaps the moody ambience of Grey Paving, our 900x450mm selection has something for every design sensibility. Not to forget, the classic tones of Beige Paving and the exclusive Kandla Grey Paving further diversify your choices in this distinguished size.

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How many 900 x 450 paving slabs come in a pack?

All of our 900 x 450 paving slabs are made from Italian porcelain and come in packs of 54 rectangular slabs, meaning a single pack of these will cover over 22m2 of garden floor space.

How many 900mm x 450mm paving slabs do I need?

This will depend on the size of the area you are paving. For more information, please see our guide on how to calculate your paving requirements.

What is the price of 900 x 450 paving slabs?

Whilst we don't sell singular slabs, we do offer incredibly competitive pricing on our 900 x 450 slabs. These 900 x 450 paving slabs start from as little £36.99 per m2. For more information on pricing and discounts, please contact us today.

Does the 900 x 450 paving slabs come in sandstone or limestone?

No. At the moment, all of our 900 x 450 pavers are Italian porcelain. If you'd prefer to use a natural stone such as Indian sandstone or limestone, we have other single-size paving available in these materials, however they typically come in 900 x 600 slabs.