Welcome to Paving Shopper’s selection of Riven Sandstone Paving, a time-honoured favourite amongst homeowners and landscape designers alike for its blend of resilience, versatility, and rustic charm. Sandstone, a titan in garden paving, boasts of toughness fit for any paving application, while offering the benefits of ease of shaping and affordability.

Our Riven Sandstone Paving carries a textured surface, an attribute of its riven finish, a natural result of the stone splitting process. This characteristic surface is not only visually appealing but also adds a tangible depth to your paved spaces, enhancing the charm and character of your garden or patio.

What truly sets Riven Sandstone apart is the celebration of natural variation in each lot, expressed through an enchanting array of colours, bands, and blotches. Our collection features everything from the robust, autumnal shades of Fossil Mint, to the cooler, delicate tones of Kandla Grey. Each piece subtly varies, adopting a unique charm that can harmoniously blend with your surroundings, or provide a striking contrast.

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This picture shows Kandla Grey 900x600 Indian Sandstone Paving

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Riven Sandstone Paving

What is Riven Sandstone Paving?
Riven Sandstone Paving is a type of natural stone paving that features a textured, uneven surface. The term "riven" refers to the natural split that occurs in the stone, creating a rustic and organic texture that adds charm and character to outdoor spaces.
Why should I choose Riven Sandstone Paving for my garden or patio?
Choosing Riven Sandstone Paving offers several benefits. Its unique and naturally uneven surface can add a charming, rustic feel to your garden or patio. The sandstone is also incredibly durable, making it capable of withstanding various weather conditions, and its rich variation in colours allows you to create a unique and personalised outdoor space.
Is Riven Sandstone Paving easy to maintain?
Yes, Riven Sandstone Paving is relatively easy to maintain. As a natural stone, it's robust and resistant to many outdoor elements. Routine sweeping and occasional washing with a garden hose can keep your Riven Sandstone Paving looking beautiful. For tougher stains, a solution of mild detergent and water is typically sufficient.
How does the colour of Riven Sandstone Paving change over time?
Riven Sandstone Paving, like all natural stone, can experience slight colour changes over time due to weathering and natural wear. This often enhances its charm, adding to the antique feel of the stone. From robust autumnal shades to cooler tones, each piece of Riven Sandstone Paving develops a unique patina that can further highlight its natural beauty.
Can I get samples of Riven Sandstone Paving before making a full order?
Absolutely, at Paving Shopper, we understand the importance of making the right choice for your outdoor spaces. That's why we offer samples of each type of Riven Sandstone Paving we carry. Once you've found the perfect match, the cost of the sample will be deducted from your full pallet order.