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Half Pack of Kandla Grey Sandstone 900 x 600 (mm) Paving Slabs (7.55m2)

(£36.09 per m²) Original price was: £286.82.Current price is: £272.48.
Have an awkward garden space you need to cover? We now stock our single size 900 x 600 slabs in

Raj Green Sandstone 900mm x 600mm Paving Slabs (15.5m²)

(£26.60 per m²) £412.30
This natural stone is perfect for creating a stunning patio or pathway. The Raj Green Sandstone Paving Slabs are 900

Camel Sandstone 900mm x 600mm Paving Slabs (15.5m²)

(£26.60 per m²) £412.30
Camel natural stone instantly brings a warm feel to any outdoor space. When dry these single-sized 900 x 600 paving

Kandla Grey Sandstone 900mm x 600mm Paving Slabs (15.5m²)

(£27.60 per m²) £427.80

Ethan Mason Gurdha Buff Sandstone 900mm x 600mm Paving Slabs (15.5m²)

(£27.60 per m²) £427.80

Camel natural stone instantly brings a warm feel to any outdoor space. When dry these single sized paving slabs are a more subtle blend of pink, red and beige but when wet there hues are enhanced beautifully.

Camel Sandstone paving is frost resistant and will not fade in direct sunlight, meaning it will continue to look great for many years to come. It is also easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.

If you’re looking for a classic paving stone that will add a touch of luxury to your home, then Camel Sandstone is the perfect choice.

Agra Rippon Buff Sandstone 900mm x 600mm Paving Slabs (19.8m²)

(£26.52 per m²) £525.00
The Agra Rippon Buff Sandstone Paving Slabs, each measuring 900mm x 600mm, provide a generous coverage of 19.8m², ideal for

Agra Raj Sandstone 900mm x 600mm Paving Slabs (19.8m²)

(£26.52 per m²) £525.00

Kandla Grey Smooth Sandstone 900mm x 600mm Paving Slabs (15.5m²)

(£43.40 per m²) £672.70
Kandla grey smooth indian sandstone 900 x 600 paving is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to

Sagar Black Smooth Sandstone (15.5m²)

(£43.40 per m²) £672.70
Looking for a dark and dramatic paving option for your outdoor space? Consider Sagar Black Smooth Sandstone,  900 x 600

Camel Smooth Sandstone 900mm x 600mm Paving Slabs (15.5m²)

(£43.40 per m²) £672.70
The Camel Smooth Sandstone Paving Slabs (15.5m²) are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your garden or patio. Made from natural sandstone, these slabs have a smooth, polished finish that is sure to make a statement. Each slab is 900mm x 600mm and they are easy to install, making them the ideal choice for any DIYer. Camel Smooth Sandstone is a great choice for paving slabs. It is a durable and long lasting material that is easy to maintain. Camel Smooth Sandstone Paving Slabs are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit your needs. With a variety of colours to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your home. Order your Camel Smooth Sandstone Paving Slabs today and transform your outdoor space!

Ethan Mason Ivory Smooth Sandstone 900mm x 600mm Paving Slabs (15.5m²)

(£44.40 per m²) £688.20
Ivory is a lighter blend of single sized paving slabs, but with beautiful pink undertones, making them radiant with warmth.

Our 900 x 600mm sandstone paving assortment has been carefully selected to fit a broad range of preferences and design requirements. Whether you want a rustic charm for your garden path, a sleek and modern patio, or a durable and stunning pool surround, our larger-format sandstone slabs will help you design the perfect outdoor environment.

Why pick our 900 x 600 sandstone paving?

Modern Elegance: Our has a characteristic rectangular shape.900 x 600 slabs. offers the traditional sandstone pavement a contemporary spin. This contemporary twist is great for those looking to mix natural stone’s timeless beauty with current design trends.

Smooth finish: Larger pavers need fewer joints, resulting in a cleaner, more consistent appearance. This simple process emphasises the natural beauty of the sandstone, increasing the overall appeal of your outdoor environment.

Versatile Design Options: We provide a variety of natural tones, from delicate greys to warm buffs and deep red/browns, as well as riven or smooth textures. Whether your project demands the old-world beauty of a riven surface or the sleek sophistication of a smooth finish, we have the perfect solution.

Durability throughout generations: Made with the best Indian SandstoneOur paving slabs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also long-lasting. When properly sealed, they retain their remarkable beauty and integrity, preventing weathering, wear, and staining, all while providing slip-resistant characteristics that assure safety under all situations.

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Complete your project with us: In addition to our high-quality sandstone pavement, we offer everything you need to finish your landscaping project. We provide professional-grade adhesives and grouts, as well as edging stones, wall coping, stair treads, and sealing materials. Our friendly crew is always available to provide professional advise and assist you in selecting the best materials to bring your idea to life.

Contact us: Do you have any queries or require guidance? Our professional customer support team is here to help. We’re devoted to delivering the service you need, whether by live chat, contact form, or direct email at Call us at 0118 207 9464 for a more personalised experience.

As you browse our 900 x 600 sandstone paving selection, imagine transforming your outdoor spaces into attractive, inviting settings that represent your own taste and can withstand the test of time. Welcome to Paving Shopper, where your ideal outdoor environment becomes a reality.

900x600 Paving Laying Patterns


Welcome to our premium range of larger-format 900 x 600 sandstone paving slabs. This elegant rectangular paver size lends a modern, contemporary look to any outdoor space.

With the same durability and beauty as our Indian sandstone, these spacious 900 x 600 pavers create a stylish, seamless finish across larger areas like patios, pathways, pool surrounds etc.

The elongaged shape results in less obvious joints and a cleaner, more minimalist look compared to traditional square paving formats. This allows your landscaping to take center stage.

Options to Suit Any Project

Available in popular natural tones like grey, buff, red/brown, with riven and smooth surface finishes.

  • Riven for traditional charm
  • Smooth for modern sophistication

Built to Last for Decades

Properly sealed, our 900 x 600 sandstone pavers retain their beauty and structural integrity for generations.

  • Resilient to weathering, wear and staining
  • Slip-resistant with excellent anti-slip properties
  • Cost-effective choice for large scale projects

Completing Your Dream Patio

Alongside our sandstone range, we stock everything you need to complete your project:

  • Professional grade adhesives and grouts
  • Edging stones
  • Wall coping
  • Step treads
  • Sealing products

Speak to our friendly team if you need any guidance in selecting the right materials for your landscaping vision.