Pros and Cons of Sandstone Paving

pros and cons of sandstone paving

Pros & Cons of  Indian Sandstone Paving

At Paving Shopper, our premium range of Indian Sandstone offers homeowners and landscapers an artisan yet affordable natural stone option for transforming gardens and outdoor spaces.

Ethically quarried and made sandstone blocks are hand finished by skilled craftsmen showcasing the raw sandy textures that have made this robust sedimentary stone a popular landscaping material.

But what are the specific advantages and any potential drawbacks of sandstone paving? As a sensitive natural material, proper installation and care is key to ensuring decades of service from your new patio or driveway dreams.


Aspect Pros Cons
Appearance Natural, distinctive style with multicolored stones and a unique finish, offering versatility in design. May not uniformly match every outdoor décor theme due to its natural variation.
Durability Highly durable, ideal for high traffic areas and heavy impact zones. Susceptible to cracking and chipping under extreme conditions or improper installation.
Maintenance Low maintenance; requires regular cleaning and occasional sealing. Prone to staining and discolouration, needing preventive measures like sealing.
Installation Can be installed in various patterns to enhance outdoor aesthetics. Requires professional installation for best results and longevity.
Safety Non-slip surface, making it safe for areas prone to moisture. Texture might vary, which can impact its non-slip quality.
Cost A cost-effective option compared to some other paving materials. Can be expensive depending on the quality and source of the sandstone.
Eco-Friendliness Sandstone is a natural product and can be an environmentally friendly option. Quarrying and transportation may have an environmental impact.



Why Choose Sandstone Paving?

Natural Warmth & Beauty – The sandy ripples and grains visible in varieties like our Kandla Grey range display the very origins and evolution of sandstone over millennia. Neutral creams through earthy greys and vibrant jewel tones bring a cosy ambience outside.

Textured & Safe Underfoot – Unlike finely honed stone, the natural cleft riven finish provides grip and visual depth even when wet making sandstone suitable for pool surrounds, play areas and footpaths.

Strength & Durability – Made of tightly compacted quartz, feldspar and other dissolved and fused minerals under immense pressure, sandstone withstands heavy footfall alongside general wear and tear impacts over decades. Its durable surface also makes it an ideal choice for pet-friendly paving.

Budget & Eco-Friendly – Indian sandstone represents great value starting at just £18 per m2. Locally sourced from reputable suppliers, our direct importing cuts transportation emissions too.

Easy Maintenance – Beyond an occasional sweep and seal, sandstone maintenance needs are simple. Our patio packs lend themselves to straightforward DIY installation.

Potential Cons of Sandstone Paving

With sandstone being permeable, some smart precautions ensure your sandstone patio or driveway delivers decades of enjoyment.

Moisture & Staining – Lack of sealing can allow spillages to penetrate stone over time causing stubborn stains. But properly sealed and maintained, issues are rare. We offer detailed sealing guidance and aftercare support.

Slip Potential – While riven provides grip, smooth finishes may become slippery when wet. Mitigate risk through added treatments in high traffic zones. Opt for textured versions instead.

Surface Damage – Being softer than granite, sandstone can be prone to scratches from unprotected furniture movement. But damage is easily avoided by laying outdoor mats beneath tables and being careful when shifting items.

Extreme Temps – Rapid heating/cooling of stone may cause cracks. Proper base prep and avoiding laying in extreme heat minimizes this. Gradual temp changes are fine.

Our Indian Sandstone Collection

Browse our hand selected sandstone range showcasing the diversity of natural Indian stone – from subtle creamy neutrals to vivid jewel tones brimming with sandy character.

We offer everything from matte, riven patio packs alongside precisely sawn contemporary options in smart geometries.

Is Indian sandstone good quality?

Indian sandstone provides sufficient strength for regular domestic use, including as an underfoot surface for parking vehicles, making it suitable for driveways and patios. The stone also offers adequate durability for these regular domestic underfoot applications in driveways and patio areas when vehicles are parked on it.

Does Indian sandstone get slippery?

Indian sandstone is known for its slip-resistant surface, making it a suitable choice for areas where slip resistance is a key consideration, such as around pools or in high-traffic locations. The non-slip characteristic of Indian sandstone contributes to its ability to provide a safe walking surface in these types of settings.

How long does Indian sandstone last?

Indian sandstone paving is a durable and long-lasting choice for outdoor spaces. The natural stone is strong and impact-resistant once laid, eliminating concerns about potential damage. With its hard-wearing properties, Indian sandstone paving can maintain its attractive appearance for 20-30 years or more with minimal maintenance.

Does sandstone offer better grip than porcelain?

Yes, the naturally cleft riven texture of most Indian sandstone provides inherent traction underfoot, unlike smooth porcelain, which can become slippery when wet. Sandstone suits pool surrounds. But porcelain is harder wearing for high traffic.

Is sandstone warmer underfoot than limestone or concrete paving?

Absolutely, the porous nature and earthy sandy hues allow sandstone to absorb and retain heat from the sun far better keeping patios or paths warmer in winter. Meanwhile, smooth limestone paving or stark concrete slabs remain chilly.

Can I create patterned patios with sandstone?

Yes you can lay sandstone in an array of eye catching layouts! We offer precision cut circle packs and rectangle options alongside versatile patio slab collections to create neat grid, basket weaves, offset and more. Additionally, our range of sandstone paving colours ensures that every design is not only unique in layout but also in its vibrant and natural hues, perfectly bringing your paving ideas to life.

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