8 Garden Paving Ideas for 2024

garden paving ideas

It’s time to refresh your garden’s look for 2024 and an easy way to do that is with some new paving. With so many options to choose from it can be difficult to decide what will look best. To help inspire your garden update, here are 8 on-trend paving ideas for this year. From smooth sandstone that exudes luxury to vibrant rainbow sandstone for a playful vibe, there’s sure to be the perfect fit for every landscape.

1. Smooth Sandstone
Ivory Indian Sandstone Patio Pack - Smooth Finish

The Smooth Sandstone paving stands out with its natural earthy ripples and consistently smooth honey-gold surface. When wet, the sandstone darkens alluringly showing off its rich texture. The warm brownish-tan colour is versatile enough for any style garden, pairing effortlessly with greens, bright blooms, and warm or cool-toned furniture. Lay the uniform bricks in geometric shapes or herringbone patterns for a modern yet inviting look. The premium natural material makes a luxe statement.

2. Kandla Grey Sandstone
Kandla grey paving patio kit of mixed size slabs

The Kandla Grey Sandstone brings an earthy feel with its darkened charcoal grey coloring and handsomely textured surface. As a natural stone, no two pavers look exactly alike allowing for organic shapes and patterns. When wet, the grey turns almost black, upping the drama. Match with vibrant purple and pink flowers or fresh green foliage to make it pop. Perfect for cottages, tropical gardens or Zen courtyard spaces.

3. Kandla Grey Porcelain
Kandla Grey porcelain in a garden

Get the realistic look of Kandla Grey sandstone without the practical maintenance with this porcelain alternative. Crafted to emulate the rippled texture and cool grey colouring, this paving withstands weathering better than natural stone. The heavy-duty porcelain material iseasy to clean and highly durable for driveways, patios, or other high traffic areas. Use its neutral palette as a stylish backdrop.

4. Rainbow Sandstone

Rainbow Sandstone Paving
The playful Rainbow Sandstone paving brightens any garden with its cheerfully blended ripples of festive reds, sunny yellows, sky blues and grassy greens. Lay the vibrant bricks randomly for pops of colour that catch the eye. The whimsical material is best used selectively on focal points like water features as its vibrancy stands out against more neutral paving. Let this ‘wow’ piece be the star against a calmer background.5. Red Modak Sandstone

5. Red Modak Sandstone

Wet Modak Indian Sandstone Patio Pack - Riven Finish

The rich terracotta redness of the Red Modak paving sets a warm Mediterranean mood. The striking brick’s consistent fiery crimson coloring allows greenery, sculptures and other decorative features to pop while still commanding attention. Match with contrasting whites and verdant greens for a bold yet balanced look. Great for cottages, tropical plots or firing up contemporary spaces.

6. Black Limestone
Wet Kota Black Limestone Patio Pack and Setts


The sleek Kota Black Limestone paving imparts modern, monochromatic drama with its darkened colour and subtle light grey veining. Available in both rippled natural shapes or precisely cut smooth squares. Use the rippled style laid randomly for an artistic look or geometrically lay the smooth tiles for a contemporary edge. The deep shade strongly contrasts fresh green lawns and vibrant blooms.

7. Ivory Sandstone

Ivory Indian Sandstone Patio Pack - Smooth Finish

The creamy Ivory Sandstone paving mixes warm beiges, taupes and buttery yellows together for a soft and elegant look. While paler than other natural stones, the variance in tone creates visual interest that prevents a flat washed-out effect. Its softness makes it comfortable underfoot but the material is too delicate for high-traffic areas. Use this tranquil paving to brighten shady gardens or define relaxed lounging spaces.

8. Camel Indian Sandstone

With swirling mixes of caramel browns, toffee golds and touches of grey blue, the varied Camel Indian Sandstone brings incredible texture and warmth. Each rippled brick has its own captivating color patterns and patinas for truly unique, artistic looks. Match with whites and greens in English country gardens or pair with tropical plants. This versatile natural stone fits beautifully into landscapes from cool contemporary to cozy cottage.

There you have 8 trending paving ideas to reinvigorate your garden in 2024. With options from sleek black limestone for modern edge to cheerful rainbow sandstone, let these creative materials inspire your new landscape design.

Is paving slippery when wet?

Yes, all types of paving become more slippery when wet, especially smooth surfaces. Most porcelain and natural sandstone offer some surface grip from light texture but take care when damp. Opt for rippled stone faces or porcelain imprinted with grip patterns for high traffic zones that get wet often. Each paving has its own slip rating.

How do I properly grout patio paving joints?

Grouting paving joints correctly ensures your patio surface stays locked and level for the long term. Make sure to use an appropriate outdoor grout mix and brush it deep inside the joints. Take care to keep the stone faces clean during application for easier cleaning later. Read our guide on grouting paving slabs for step-by-step instructions.

What pattern is best for laying large format paving slabs?

Large paving slabs 900 x 600 or bigger can be laid in varied captivating patterns like herringbone and basketweave. But for best visual results with larger units, we recommend a simpler staggered modular layout or grid pattern. This allows the beauty of the stone to shine rather than distracting with complex laying patterns.

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