Porcelain setts represent the zenith of style and functionality in the realm of paving. Merging the refined aesthetic of porcelain with the strength and durability for outdoor use, these paving setts offer an exquisite solution for driveways, paths, and patios.

Porcelain, a material celebrated for its resilience and low maintenance, stands up admirably against the elements. Its resistance to moisture, staining, and fading ensures that the beauty of your pavement remains untarnished through seasons. The non-porous nature of porcelain makes these setts safe, offering excellent slip-resistance, a crucial factor for outdoor applications.

The charm of porcelain setts lies in their versatility. They come in a variety of colours and textures, mimicking materials like natural stone, wood, and even concrete, yet they retain a unique finesse that is distinctively porcelain. Whether you opt for a sleek contemporary look or a more rustic charm, porcelain setts can accommodate your aesthetic requirements effortlessly.

Design-wise, these setts fit beautifully within an array of layouts and can be combined creatively with larger Porcelain Paving slabs. For those seeking contrast and pattern, integrating porcelain setts with other materials like Granite Setts, Sandstone Setts, or Limestone Setts can produce spectacular results.

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Flint Grey Porcelain Setts 200x100x100

(£60.00 per m²) £1,497.60

Ash Grey Porcelain Setts 200x100x100

(£60.00 per m²) £1,497.60