How Much Does a New Patio Cost?

How much does a patio cost?

The average cost to install a new patio in the UK ranges from £80-£150 per square meter. This cost can vary based on the patio size, materials, special features, and labor. In total, expect to spend £2,000-£6,000 for a professionally installed 40-50 sqm patio.

While patios boost your home’s appeal and functionality, they require careful planning and investment. This guide examines the key costs involved so you can budget effectively and make informed decisions.

Factors Affecting Patio Costs

Several variables determine how much you’ll pay for your new patio, including:

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Design
  • Site Preparation
  • Base Build
  • Labour
  • Location
  • Additional Features


Patios range dramatically in size from just 10-15 sqm up to over 100 sqm for larger landscape patios. The bigger the patio, the more materials and labour will be required, driving up costs. A good rule of thumb is that a patio for a small urban garden is 15-25 sqm, while a larger suburban or rural patio could be 40-60 sqm.


Choosing the right patio surface material is crucial, as it affects the aesthetics, durability, maintenance needs, and installation cost. Materials like concrete and brick are more affordable, while natural stones like Indian sandstone, granite and marble are premium options.


Opting for a custom or intricate patio design generally increases costs compared to a simple square or rectangular patio. However, the design possibilities are endless if you have the budget.

Let’s break down the typical costs involved in installing a new 50 sqm patio professionally

For the materials alone, you can expect to spend around £2,500-£5,000 for quality concrete pavers, while more premium materials like porcelain or natural stone will run £5,000-£10,000. Building an adequate sub-base using MOT hardcore, sharp sand, and other aggregates is crucial and could cost anywhere from £1,500-£2,500 for a patio this size.

When it comes to labor, most experts recommend hiring a professional landscaping contractor for 4-5 days at a standard rate of £150/day, putting you at roughly £600-£750 in labor fees. Other site preparation needs like excavation, grading, dealing with drainage issues or tree roots could cost an additional £500-£1,500 depending on the unique challenges of your space.

Putting all these elements together, you can expect to spend around £4,000-£6,000 for a professionally installed, high-quality 50 sqm concrete patio. For comparison, doing a DIY project with budget materials may cost half this amount, but it won’t come with the same guarantees or longevity of using professional labor and premium materials.

When it comes to the patio surface itself, you have several material options to consider, each with their own pros and cons. Here are some top choices with average costs:

MaterialCosts per square metre for material & install (approx.)AdvantagesDisadvantages
Concrete£30-£60                 Affordable and versatile.
                Suitable for various landscape designs.
                Resistant to wear and tear.             
                Can appear less natural.
                Limited to simpler designs.
                Might crack over time.             
Natural Stone£60-£120                 Authentic and timeless appearance.
                Durable and long-lasting.
                Resistant to environmental changes.             
                Higher installation costs.
                Requires regular maintenance.
                Some stones may stain.             
Porcelain£60-£100                 Durable and resistant to stains.
                Modern and sleek appearance.
                Low maintenance.             
                More expensive than other options.
                Requires professional installation.
                Can be slippery when wet.             
Brick£50-£100                 Classic and traditional look.
                Can be arranged in various patterns.
                Environmentally friendly.             
                Intensive labor for installation.
                Can erode over time.
                Susceptible to weed growth.             
Composite Decking£30-£60                 Mimics the look of real wood.
                Resistant to rot and insects.
                Available in various colors.             
                Might fade over time.
                Can become hot in direct sunlight.
                Requires regular cleaning.             
This picture shows an Ethan Mason Silver Grey Riven circle with EM Ivory paving surrounding it

Labor and Other Associated Costs of UK Patio Installation

When laying a patio, labor costs play a significant role. On average, a landscape gardener may charge between £200-300 per day, and given the physical demands of the task, they typically bring an assistant, which might add another £80-100 to the daily cost. Even when you provide all necessary materials, labor costs can be substantial.

It's essential to note regional cost variations. Labor costs in areas like London could be double those in other parts of the country. Additionally, costs may vary depending on whether you hire an established company or an independent contractor. Lastly, contractors might add a profit margin of 10-20% on top of these costs to cover profit and unexpected expenses.

Understanding labor costs is crucial for two reasons. First, even if you're planning a DIY project, you will likely need an assistant or a willing friend to help you. Second, knowing the professional costs helps you appreciate the savings from your DIY efforts.

Labor Cost For Landscaping - Breakdown

Labor Type Cost Per Day
Landscape Gardener £200-£300
Assistant Labourer £80-£100
Possible Profit Margin 10-20% of total costs

How much does a patio cost per m2?

The average cost for patio installation ranges from £80-£150 per m2 depending on the materials used and complexity of the project. More affordable options like concrete pavers often cost £100-£130 per m2, while premium materials like natural stone can run £150-£200+ per m2 installed. The total cost scales up significantly with the size of the patio.

How much does sandstone paving cost per m2?

The typical installed cost for sandstone paving falls between £100-140 per square meter. This includes:

  • Sandstone material: £22-35/m2 Smooth calibrated options start from £22/m2. While premium hand-cut riven textures range from £30-35/m2.
  • Base preparation & mortar: £15-30/m2 This covers sub-base installation, sharp sand, and cement mixes for optimal structural integrity.
  • Installation labour: £40-60/m2 At a rate of £150/day, an expert paver can lay 5-8 m2 daily with help. Includes project management costs.

So with bulk-rate Silver Grey paver supply at £25/m2, add £25/m2 materials and £50/m2 pro install, you get £100/m2 total installed cost for mid-range sandstone.

For high-traffic driveways or pool surrounds, thicker 60mm+ options would increase costs closer to £140/m2 overall.

What is the average cost to lay a 30m2 patio?

For a 30 m2 patio installed professionally, expect total costs between £2,500-£5,000 on average. Assuming £100-£150 per m2 installation, a 30 m2 patio would cost £3,000-£4,500 for the paving work alone. Extra costs for site preparation, materials transport, and decor around the patio would apply on top.

How much should a 50m2 patio cost?

A 50 m2 patio will cost £6,000-£10,000 on average for a high quality installation. At £120 per m2 for mid-range materials and professional install, the paving would cost £6,000. With £2,000-£4,000 in additional costs for base, site prep, and labor, you can expect the total to reach £8,000-£10,000 for a 50m2 natural stone or porcelain patio.

What is the cost per m2 for porcelain patio paving?

Porcelain patio paving costs £130-£180 per m2 installed on average. The porcelain itself ranges from £50-£100 per m2 depending on the style and quality. When you factor in professional installation labor, excavation and base work, the total cost per m2 rises to £130 up to over £180 for premium porcelain.

How much does slate patio paving cost per square metre?

For slate patio paving, expect to pay around £130-£180 per m2 installed. The slate itself ranges from £60-£100 per m2, putting it on the higher end for materials. But its durability and aesthetics make it a popular choice. When adding in installation and site costs, the total per m2 price for slate falls between £130-£180 typically.

What is the typical cost for a 20m2 patio installation?

For a 20m2 patio professionally installed, expect to pay around £2,000-£3,500 in total. At costs of £100-£150 per m2 for mid-range patio materials and work, a 20m2 area would be around £2,000-£3,000 for the paving alone. Additional costs of £500+ would apply for site preparation, base materials, and other labor/materials.

How much does block paving cost?

For a 50m2 patio or driveway, expect to pay £5,000-£6,000 for professional block paving installation. The paver units cost £1,500-£3,000, with additional expenses for sub-base, bedding sand, and labour. Overall, block paving costs range from £90-£130 per m2 fully installed. Choose quality materials for durability.


How to calculate the cost of paving?

To calcuclate your patio paving costs, start by measuring the area in square meters that needs paving. Research price per m2 for your desired materials like concrete, sandstone or porcelain pavers (factor £100-£150/m2 installed). Then add base preparation (£15-30/m2) and professional installation charges (£40-60/m2). Multiply this total price per m2 by your overall patio area size in m2 to estimate the paving project cost. Request quotes from contractors to compare pricing. Extra expenses will apply for site excavation, materials transport, accessories etc around the paved area. Investing in quality paving materials and proper base installation yields savings long-term through a durable patio.


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